Doug Smith

For Madison County Commissioner

At a point in his life where most would think he should be relaxing and enjoying retirement, Doug Smith is eager to serve by dedicating his time to help Madison County. With a lifetime of experience serving in the area, 38 years of service in the military reserve, and a Silver Beaver recipient for the Boy Scouts of America, Doug is committed to maintaining the  heritage of this beautiful area while looking to the future.

A Vision For The Future

With a great heritage that has been a prominent part of the development of Madison County, Doug is committed to moving forward towards the future with further developments while remembering the great heritage of this beautiful area.


A Vision For The Future

As important as it is to look to our past and where we have come from, Doug has an eye towards the future. From property tax relief to preserving our county parks, Doug’s first priority is thinking about the citizens of Madison County.


Time and Attention

At this time in Doug’s life, He can devote his full attention to the needs of Madison County citizens. Being present and ready to serve is his top priority.

Fiscal Responsibility

Doug wants property tax relief, but also would like to appreciate the wonderful schools, hospital, and snow removal.  Let’s get all we can from our dollars, but realize our class act services have a price.

Preserve and Promote the General Welfare

Preserve our county parks, recreational opportunities, and to look through much volunteer encouragement new recreation opportunities. Namely a running, bike and X-country ski path connecting to paths already in place.

Continue the Relationship with City Government

Doug would like to continue the relationship the County Government has with City Government within. These entities should cooperate and look for ways to cover each other’s back with the idea of reducing duplication and expense.

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Doug is eager to hear some of your suggestions or comments. Follow the link below to contact Doug by sending him a message.


About Doug Smith

Why would Doug Smith put himself in a race like this in a time in his life when he should be retired and enjoying life? With a lifetime of experience serving Madison county, Doug is committed to maintaining the heritage of this beautiful area while moving forward with looking to the future.

The Smith’s have been involved in Madison County for many years in living, business, recreation, and in service. They want only to serve you.  Doug Smith loves this place and wants nothing but the best for you and your families.  He would appreciate your vote in May and suggestions in benefiting Madison County for years to come.

Doug Smith has been a prominent part of Madison County and has served in many different capacities over the years. Learn more about where he has come from and his accomplishments through the years.

Mission & Values

As a grandfather, great grandfather, and having raised his own family in Madison County, Doug is grateful for the examples of his grandfather who served as a Mayor of Rexburg and his own father that served as a County Commissioner.  With many more years to come and a lifetime of experience, he looks forward to help Madison County move forward towards the future while helping to remember and preserve our amazing heritage in this great county.

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Doug loves Madison county and has been an active member of the community all of his life. He has been involved in Madison County for many years in living, business, recreation, and in service and wants only to serve you.  “I love this place and want nothing but the best for you and your family!  I would appreciate your vote and suggestions.”

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Due to the current concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Idaho Secretary of State’s office is encouraging voters in Madison County to vote absentee for the May 19, 2020 Primary Election. Click here to learn more.








Hear From a Supporter

“I support Doug Smith as a candidate for the Madison County Commissioner seat vacated by John Weber. Doug is a community servant. He has both the time and the talent to be able to commit to this important elected position. Doug has a great working knowledge of the community’s history and that lends itself to making informed decisions about its future.

Doug has worked tirelessly for his Church, his neighborhood, his family, and the Boy Scouts of America. I believe would do the same for Madison County. I have observed him as a neighbor and find his energy and passion for doing things right, to be a foundational character trait in his life.

Please join me in voting for Doug Smith for Madison County Commissioner.”

David Taylor

Owner of Taylor Chevrolet

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